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General Healthy Eating Guide

Nutrition is the
foundation of health.

Everyone can benefit from working with a Dietitian Nutritionist to optimize health and prevent chronic disease. We help you find the best method to help you reach your goals

We Help With

Optimizing energy levels and mental clarity.

Adding in more nutrient-dense foods to support physical and mental health

Building a sustainable routine for cooking, self-care, and movement.

Preventing chronic disease, including heart disease, diabetes, liver, and kidney disease.

Correcting nutrient deficiencies like anaemia and vitamin D deficiency.

Building health habits for emotional regulation and stress management and adopting a balanced exercise routine.

Expanding your meal variety and enjoying foods you love at home and in social situations.

The Ojas Approach to General Healthy Living

Feeling confused about nutrition advice? Work with us to get trustworthy information on the most up-to-date nutrition science, and how to apply it to your personal health goals. Our approach combines evidenced-based nutrition with behaviour change support so you can adopt healthy habits, learn practical tools for success, and get a personalized plan that changes with you.

Here's What You Get

Personalized Care Always Includes:

Nutrition Plan

Based on your food preferences, access, nutritional needs, comfort with cooking, and relationship with food

Lifestyle Plan

That is realistic for your schedule, family responsibilities, work and social demands, physical activity levels and preferences

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